Mulch Bed Installation

Mulch Bed Installation

Improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the property value. A bed renovation or mulch installation is the easiest and usually most affordable way to drastically enhance the appearance of your home.

With most renovations we start with weeding the landscape beds.

  • Hand pulling many of the weeds
  • We use a Round up type product mixed with a pre-emergent. This will get to get control of the weeds now and give you reduced weeds in the future to maintain.

If there isn’t permanent edging presently such as stone or concrete, we will use our state of the art edging machine to create a crisp fresh edge for the bed.

  • helps keep the mulch in and the grass out.
  • Improves the appearance of the beds giving them a very defined look

Once the beds are prepped, we put down the mulch of your choice. The most popular mulches are our triple ground premium mulches. They come in Brown, Black and Red. The mulch is applied at an average of 2″ throughout all your beds.